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After weeks of pounding, sawing, and hammering the Harvard Dramatic Club has finally seceded in converting an erstwhile swimming pool into a three story clubhouse at 13 Holyoke Street, the scene of all future tryouts, scenery building and general recreation.

Although they have used the back of 13 Holyoke Street as storage space and general construction work for many years, it was only this fall that the members decided that with a little home carpentry they could have a comfortable clubhouse.

Formerly "Big Tree" Pool

The pool itself, which still goes by the name of "Big Tree," is now turned over exclusively to enrage space for old sets and scenery and a workshop for building more of the same. A platform covering the pool is the floor for the second story at the level of the former edge of the pool. With chairs, tables, and couches spread about, this has been turned into the living quarters for the members where they can relax and waste idle hours. Here also rehearsals and tryouts will be held to discover future John Barrymores and Noel Cowards.

Finally, way up under the roof, the old diving cage has been turned into the Club offices, where future presidents and stage managers will start the ball rolling for the productions in Sanders Theatre.

By turning its artists to work on interior decorating, the Club now boasts a large courses drop, painted why blue to give an effect of space, as one wall, while the remaining three sides are decorated with trees and animals from the brush of John Holahint '42.

With the clubhouse now complete, the dramatists are now turning to more serious one work in developing a fall show. Christopher Merley's "Trojan Hope" has been tentatively chosen and tryouts for the 20 male parts are already under way.

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