To the Editor of The Crimson:

An article in Monday's Crimson reports the picketing of the America First rally for Wheeler and Cudahy last Saturday night as if the Young Communists had taken their lives in their hands to put on this demonstration.

Without seeking to detract in any way from the credit out pink playmates should get for their good order and discipline, I should like to point out that there was no likelihood whatever of any clash, and that when America First counter-pickets were sent out to prevent the Student Union from having a monopoly on the newspaper photographs, they were limited in number and given equally strict orders not to do any talking or anything else that might start trouble.

In fairness to Comrade Bennett, let me add that the two or three troublemakers who sought to show their enthusiasm for the Four Freedoms by interfering with our exercise of free speech and free assembly inside the hall, and had to be 4cd out by the police, seem to have had no connection at all with the picket line.

But let me also point out that these young men have clearly demonstrated that in their bellicosity. V stands for Vicarious. If they want to fight they can go to Canada and enlist with the blessing of all concerned. Even though they may feel a little embarrassed at their personal pacifism. Let them not try to make heroes of them selves for picketing an American First meeting.


They are in no danger whatever of any violence, nor even of any discourtesy that they do not bring on themselves. The fellow travelers may be reassured. Tudor Gardiner 21.