Soccer Team Tackles Strong Nassau Eleven

With two wins, a tie, and a defeat to its record for the campaign, the soccer team searches for new fields to conquer and embarks for Princeton this morning.

The Orange Varsity that will greet them on the field of battle tomorrow at 12:30 o'clock, before the football contest in Palmer Stadium, appears on the books to be the usual powerful Tiger team. Already this fall it has won two and dropped as many, but Princeton's defeats were by a one point margin to Cornell and by two to an Army eleven which the Crimson will take on next Saturday.

Princeton's victories have been by a 5-4 count over Haverford, a traditionally strong soccer school, and a 3-2 defeat of Ryder. Record comparisons are difficult as there have been no mutual opponents.

While the Varsity travels to Princeton with the rest of the Harvard athletic teams, the soccer Freshmen will be the lone college contenders who will not visit New Jersey. Newly-elected Captain Dough Thompson will lead his eleven against the school whose goal nets he guarded last fall, Exeter. Last weekend the Freshmen were beaten by Andover, 2-1.

The Harvard Varsity lineup: Captain Penson, g; Harbison, rf; Taylor, lf; Mallory, rhb; Clarke, chb; Myerson, lhb; Herskovits, ro; Drake, rl; Sawhill, cf; Gifford, li; Poor, lo. Subs making the trip: Berman, Calhoun, Dixon, Kempner, Killam, Morison, Sachs, Slingerland, Staber, and Vorhaus.