Chose by Mathers, Mercer, Ulin, Saxton

Thirteen men were chosen last night as members of the Union Committee to direct the activities of the Yardlings, until the election of the Smoker and Jubliee Committees next spring.

They were selected on the basis of their high school records and the recommendations of proctors in Freshman dormitories by a committee composed of Douglas Mereer, 2L, Secretary of the Union, Richard O. Ulin, Assistant Secretary of the Union, Thomas Matters '43, Student Council Advisor on Freshman affairs, and George Saxton '44, last year's Union Committee Chairman.

The function of the Committee is to direct such Freshman activities as dances, athletic events, ping-pong, and chess tournaments, photographic contests, lectures on various topics by members of the Faculty, as well as people not connected with the University, and reviews before midyears and final examinations.

The Committee will choose its own chairman from among its members. The chairman of the Freshman Red Book and the captain of the Freshman football team are automatic appointees.

Those chosen were:


John M. Alcorn of Pontiac, Illinois and Pontiac High; Weld Hall.

Theodore Chadwick, Jr. of Dedham and Phillips Exeter Academy; Lionel Hall.

Don W. Crary of Dallas City, Illinois and Dallas City High; Thayer Hall.

John W. Fisher, Captain of the Freshman football team, of Weston and Phillips Andover Academy; Weld and Phillips Andover Academy; Weld Boat Club.

Franklin C. French of Northridge, California and Chadwick Seaside School; Straus Hall.

George R. Hooper, Chairman of the Freshman Red Book, of La Grange, Illinois and La Grange High; Weld Hall.

F. Arthur Johnson, Jr. of Kane, Pennsylvania and Kane High; Stoughton Hall.

Saul G. Marias of Brooklyn, New York and Erasmus Hall High; Matthews Hall.

James L. Oakes, 3rd of Wilnetter, Illinois and North Shore Country Day; Wigglesworth Hall.

Francis Parkman, Jr. of Southboro and Brooks School; Holwerthy Hall.

Paul F. Perkins, Jr. of Brookline and Pomfret School; Walker House.

Charles G. Sellers, Jr. of Charlotte, North Carolina and Charlotte Central High; Grays Hall.

Donald Van Roosen of Newton and Newton High; living at home.