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Undergraduate defense work efforts moved ahead on several fronts last night. The first meeting of the Air Raid Precantions Course was set for tonight, and the Defense Service Committee of P.B.H. announced a definite program for entertaining draftees beginning the weekend of November 29.

The first contingent of 15 draftees who will come down from Fort Devens will divide into groups of five and stay in three Houses. They will pay for their own meals, and the College will allow them a choice of activities ranging from free use of classical record albums to swimming in the Indoor Athletic Building's Pool.

Survey Conducted

Aside from this, the Defense Committee announced 259 answers to a poll conducted yesterday afternoon and Tuesday morning in seven Houses and the Freshman Union.

The poll, designed to draw up a more or less specific list of student interest in defense work, asked for such contributions as doing social service work at the Army and Navy Recreation Centers, donating blood for the Red Cross Blood Bank, and training in the as yet unorganized Cambridge Volunteer Fire Fighting course.

Students were also asked if they would be willing to take the Red Cross First Aid Course. There are 50 taking the course at present, and since 52 checked this question on the survey, P.B.H. thinks it might be worth while to start another class.

Special Work

One question was inserted to find out "any other defense activity in which you would like to participate or for which you have special qualifications." Fifteen men checked this, and specified a varied list of activities such as selling Defense Bonds, flying an airplane, or offering technical instruction in radio work.

Another action which the Committee took last night was the appointment of four new members: Edward Ames '43, Milbank Pillsbury '42, David P. Bennett '42, and Robert Williams '42.

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