Kirkland Adams Victors In Soccer and Softball Contests

In the first game of the softball double-header yesterday afternoon in Briggs Cage, Dudley topped Lowell 10-6, while Kirkland swamped Winthrop by an 18 to 1 score in the nightcap.

A triple play in the fifth inning by the Hamblers saved the day for hurler George Cait. With the bases loaded, catcher George MacDonald caught a foul fly off the netting, and pegged to second sacker Guy Mell who tagged the Bellboy coming from first and touched the base to complete the triple killing.

Tex Myers pitched the Deacons powerhouse to their overwhelming victory over a makeshift Purlian ten. Murphy was the victim of the 18-run assault.

The Adams booters upset the Elephants 3 to 1 in the only House soccer game to be played. The Winthrop Kirkland encounter scheduled for yesterday will be played this afternoon.