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Landis, Reel Blasted As Pro-Communist


Opposition forces gave Plan E supporters a last-minute blast on the eve of elections by showering Cambridge voters with a newspaper sheet printed in green ink and "exposing" Dean Landis as a "self-appointed dictator" with Communist sympathies.

To convince the public that the "Plan E Fuehrer" loans to the Left, the newspaper, printed under the auspices of the Democrats, pointed to his exoneration of Harry Bridges and claimed widespread Communist activity at Harvard.

Also implicated in the Communist charge was A. Frank Reel '28, one of the men endorsed by the Plan E Committee. "False, completely and utterly false," Reel stated of the publication last night. Reel declared his intension of bringing suit against Daniel F. O'Brien, Democratic Chairman, for $25,000 on charges of libel and slander. "I'm afraid it will affect my chances at the polls tomorrow," Reel stated gloomily.

Other Plan E supporters indicated more hope. Martin Morton, Jr., a graduate of the Law School stated that he was "confident I'll get in" and maintained that "a majority of the Plan E slate will be elected." John H. Corcoran '18 believes that the Plan E slate will "come out very well," but like other candidates he finds that situation very confused, because of the large number of campaigners.

Most confident of all of success at the polls tomorrow was Mickey "the Dude" Sullivan. "No cream puff bullet is going to stop me," he maintained. Mickey explained a "cream puff bullet" as one that smears but doesn't penetrate.

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