Skiers head For Canada, Vermont

Manager Competition Allows Less Able to Follow Team

Freed from the routine of classes a week hence, College skiers, including the team and club, will hunt up their hickory slats and begin looking northward for places to stop, good slopes and trails, and show-if it can be found.

Splitting in two parts, some of the skiequad will entrain for Saint Sauveur in Quebec, while others make Stowe and the Mount Mansfield area in Vermont their destination. Many other fans will open the winter sports season at the Club's cabin near Pinkham Notch, H. H.

Canada Best, But Distant

In the Canadian region, the team will find not only the most snow in the East, but they will have mountainsides that have been cleared to provide some of the best skiing available.

Similarly, Mount Mansfield is noted for the death and regularity of early season snow found there, although last year at Christmas time there was more rain than snow. The Nose Dive trail, rated for experts. will be the principle stamping ground for the squad, while the open slope has been recently enlarged for less experienced skiers.


Cabin Season Begins

Closest to Boston, the Harvard Cabin, at which about 75 men spent some 150 man-nights last winter, will be home for those who count on skiing in the Notches, especially around the Cannon Mountain Tramway serving four main trails, and on Cranmore Mountain in North Conway which is the recreational center for ski train athletes.

To get free lodging at the Cabin and the lowest board rates in the region, undergraduates can contribute six dollars to Les Wilson in Dunster E-43. Otherwise, there is a nightly charge of two dollars.

Also getting underway this vacation is the more or less informal competition for ski team manager. Not at all on the time-consuming standards of managing competitions for other sports, this competitions for other sports, this competition gives candidates a chance to follow the team around on its various Jaunts, while they prearrange meets, transportation and lodging beforehand. Lee Wilson will gibe further information to those interested.