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While Harvard men are dispersed to Keokuk to Kalamazoo for the Christmas holidays, 200 students from 50 colleges will invade Cambridge for the convention called by the National Student Merger Committee to consolidate liberal interventionist groups.

The students will be delegates from chapters of the Student League for Progressive Action, the Student Defenders of Democracy, the College Division of the Committee to Defend America, and from a number of independent local groups.

All these groups have agreed to merge into a new and united student organization, and the purpose of the convention is to draw up a program, write a constitution, elect officers, choose a name, and decide on specific activities for the coming year.

The minimum three-point program on which the Merger Committee was set up, and upon which the new organization expects to build, calls for all aid to the nations fighting Hitler, maintenance and extension of domestic democracy, and U. S. participation in a just peace after the war.

Liberal Union Plays Host

The Harvard Liberal Union, which is taking part in the merger as a chapter of the Student League for Progressive Action, will play host to the convention, and has already begun to plan for the four-day session, lasting from December 27 to 30.

The H.L.U. is setting up student and Faculty committees, arranging for halls, board, and lodging, and preparing entertainment programs for the delegates, who will be coming from as far west as Seattle, and as far south as Georgia.

Formed last August, the Merger Committee has been active all during the fall, publicizing the convention, sending field secretaries around to the colleges, deciding on time and place, and drawing up an agenda.

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