Colonel Jay Transferred to IV Corps Area in Florida

Mil Sci Head To Be Chief of Artillery

Colonel Henry D. Jay, professor of Military Science and Tactics since September 1939, has received orders, effective December 15, transferring him to Jacksonville, Florida. He will probably be relieved by Colonel Phillips Hayes, noted theorist on Field Artillery tactics. Orders confirming this appointment, however, have not yet been received.

Recently awarded a commission of full Colonel, Jay will become Chief of Artillery for the IV Army Corps, a post usually held by a Brigadier General. This unit, commanded by General Oscar Griswold, has been in the Carolinas during the past few weeks on maneuvers with the First Army.

Experienced Officers Needed

Because of the present national emergency, there is a strong demand for officers who have had experience with the regular army and who are under the age of 55. Many of the men who are at present holding posts as professors in R.O.T.C. units are therefore being transferred to active duty.

During his two years at the University, Colonel Jay revived the Custom of having spring review for the visiting general, and succeeded in arousing a great deal of interest in equitation. The Quartermaster Corps branch of the R.O.T.C., under Colonel Jay's command, was organized last June at the Business School. Major Conners of this corps is at present the only other regular army man directly connected with the University R.O.T.C.


Colonel Hayes, at present stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was formerly Chief of Artillery in Hawaii. Colonel Jay also came here from Schefield Barracks near Honolulu.