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Stating that she has known Harvard men for years and that they are "perfect gentlemen and lovely boys," Miss Chiquita Garcia discussed herself and her field between shows at the Old Howard where she is the current feature attraction.

Her ambition to become a dancer was born during her school days at St. Mary's Academy in Denver, to which she was sent when four years old. In her youth she studied theatre and dancing, and at the age of 16 she started her career by joining a barnstorming troupe as a dancer.

Buriesque Pays Well

Because she found the opportunities offered in this branch of the theatrical profession more lucrative, Miss Garcia went into burlesque about a year ago. Besides the money angle, she said that she was attracted because "it is not very hard work."

Miss Garcia enjoys her job because "there are many fine people in burlesque," but does not plan to continue in it much longer. Stage-door Johnnies give her some trouble as does her fan mail. Husband to have "Personal Broadness"

As for the future she is looking forward to a dancing career with eventual marriage in mind. She anticipates a husband with "personal broadness" who will not interfere with the furthering of her career.

A trip to South America with a dancing troupe of Americans featuring a Latin routine is coming soon on her program. There is also the possibility of a movie career she says. Modestly admitting that she can dance well, Miss Miss Garcia thinks she can get somewhere as a regular dancer, but right now she is sticking to burlesque because of the money involved.

"Burlesque is on a much higher plane than formerly," she said, adding that censorship hasn't bothered her act one hit. This is her first appearance in Boston.

"Plays up to" Hecklers

On the technique of handling hecklers during the act, Miss Garcia says quite frankly that she "plays right up to them" to get them on her side. This is usually done by casually tossing the two flowers she wears in her hair into the audience when the occasion demands. This maneuver is guaranteed to placate even the most unruly members of the audience.

Her title of the "Mexican Spitfire" is justified not only by her dancing style, but also by the fact that she was born in Mexico City, where she spent the first four of her twenty-two years. Her father was a Mexican rancher and night club owner of Spanish extraction, while her mother is of French and Indian extraction.

Since she was baptized Maria Luis Garcia, the present Chiquita Garcia is one of the few in her profession who uses even a close approximation of her real name.

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