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Fifth column activities almost put an end to the Suicide Squad's Hitler-boxing last night, when the head swami-elect refused to perform, but was dragged bound and struggling to the flaming effigy on the corner of the Larz Anderson Bridge.

It all started a few days ago when a group of ardent Hitler haters decided to out-hex "Life's" pin stickers, and put a fiery end to Adolf. The originators of the plan picked Joseph P. Lyford '41 as head swami, but, thinking to give him a pleasant surprise, they neglected to tell him of his election until a few minutes before the announced time for the hexing. Then Lyford balked.

As the zero hour of 7 o'clock drew closer the leaderless suicide squad took the initiative and laid a trap for their wayward choice for Swami. Five minutes before the scheduled burning, they waylaid him and made him prisoner.

Yard Cops Swarm

In the meantime, other members of the hexter club had scouted Mount Auburn Street and found their meeting place in front of the Lampoon building swarming with Yard Cops. A word to the mob if not to the law, and they were of for the river, effigy in tow.

A long five minutes after the announced change in location the suicide squad had hung Hitler's image from a home-made gallows. As the flames reached their height, more hexters appeared carrying unwilling head wizard, now bound from head to foot.

In the light of the flaming Fuhrer, Lyford protested with all his strength against his wardens. Decoated and exhausted, the prisoner writhed on the spark-strewn pavement, striving to get loose and settle the score with the suicide squad.

A bewildered crowd, which had expected to see nothing more exciting than a demonstration against Germany, was unable to piece together the rapid series of events which had passed before it. A few thought someone had been half-killed, others that it was all just a gag to promote interest for the newspapers. Members of the suicide squad, anxious to make amends to their maltreated chief, led the victim away as the fireworks came to an end.

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