Biology Department to Alter Its Curriculum

Plan Divides 3 Courses and Allows For Proposed Bio-Chemistry Teaching

Broad changes in the Biology Department, designed to liberalize the rules for concentrators and to rearrange and alter some of the courses, are now being considered by the Department and Faculty, it was learned last night. These changes would take effect beginning with the Class of 1944.

If the changes are adopted, the Department will not give as many courses required for concentrators but will permit them to delve in several new subjects such as the Bio-chemistry course, which, will probably be given for the first time next year.

Biology D will remain the same at present, according to plans now being considered. Biology 1, however, will be designated as two half courses and will cover the same material as now, Biology 2 and Biology 3 will be changed to half year courses, and a new course dealing with invertebrates will be added next year to cover that material lost to students by the change.

Bio-chemistry will be taught in two half-courses to be named Biology 4A and 4B. Consisting of lectures and reading, the course will have no laboratory period. The first half year will deal with the organic approach, while the second half year will present the topic from the physical view point.

Along with the rearrangement of courses, the Department will adopt new rules for concentrators. These probably will be announced early in March.


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