Crimson Underdogs Contest Army First Time In Decade

HARVARD  ARMY Willetts, l.w.  r.w., Woodruff Ayres, c.  c., F. Tate Duane, r.w.  l.w., Gilbert Gray, l.d.  r.d., Grygiel Hulse, r.d.  l.d., Plume Fenn, g.  g., J. Tate

Army comes to town this evening when the Varsity hockey team opposes a Cadet six in the Boston Garden at 8 o'clock. Only once before have the two teams met, and that was back in 1931 when the Crimson blanked the Army 10 to 0.

So that the players may be acclimated to the Garden ice on which they later will meet Dartmouth and Yale, the game, which was originally scheduled for the Boston Skating Club, has been moved in town.

Neither team can boast a definite edge, since both have suffered unfortunate seasons. A comparison of the records, however, should give Army, with two wins, four losses, and a tie, an advantage over the Crimson, which has lost eight of its nine official games.

Both have played a sort of "hot and cold" hockey most of the time, and it is altogether possible that the team which slays hot the longer on the ice tonight will skate off the winner.


Crimson's Second Line Uncertain

Hodder will start his only dependable line of Captain Pren Willetts, Burgy Ayres, and George Duane, backed up by the defensive trio of Stacy Hulse, Sherm Gray, and Ab Fenn. His second line, however, is still very uncertain. Gordie McGrath was injured by a low leg check in the Dartmouth game Saturday, and at practice yesterday showed that he had not completely recovered. If McGrath is ready, he will probably center the second line, flanked by Bob Cox and Demi Lloyd.

If Hodder decides to save McGrath for Dartmouth and Yale, Bill Claflin will probably pivot the same two forwards, but in this case the trio will serve as the third line. The all-Sophomore group of Caleb Loring, George Gebelein, and Johnny Paine will see action either as the second or third forward wall, depending on McGrath's fitness for action.