News from the Houses

Lowell House Social Season Hits High Point Tonight

The climax of the Lowell House social season comes tonight when 12 cocktail parties, a steak dinner, two hours of waitzing, and a dance that does not break up until 3 o'clock are scheduled to take place for the amusement of the Bellboys and their guests.

Miss Hepzibah McWeebles from Dunkling-on-Charles will be the guest of honor of the House Committee. Miss McWeebles, long known as an affectionate glamour girl, holds the record for attending more Freshman Jubilees than any other Beantown girl. She has been to every one since 1937.

Stan Barron is the chairman of the dance committee, and Lincoln Clark, Jr. will act as head usher. Room permission lasts until 10 o'clock.

Ruby Newman, with the lovely Nye Mayhew, will supply the music and prices are $3.50 drag, $2.00 stag. Part of the rug-cutting will be broadcast by the Crimson Network over a new remote pick-up unit.

Waitresses Change Into Red

Dunster waitresses have at last discarded their long-outmoded green uniforms and adopted a Crimson red. The introduction was made last Tuesday to the embarrassment of the tray-toters and amid the "oh's" and "ah's" of the Funsters.

Karpovitch Discusses Soviet

The Foreign Relations Club heard Professor Michael Karpovitch discuss the enigma of Russia in the second World War last night in the Lowell House Common Room.

Karpovitch stated that Stalin feels too weak to oppose Hitler now, despite his desire for a stalemate, concluding that Russia must give way to the Nazi terms during any crisis that can be expected in the near-future. A question period followed the address. Ex-Chancellor Breuning plans to speak at the next meeting of the Club.

Funsters Have Forum

A Dunster House Forum in collaboration with American Defense, Harvard Group will take up the subject "Post-War Economic Collapse?" on March 3 in the Funsters' dining room at 7:30 o'clock.

Opera Tickets on Sale

Tickets are on sale at the Harvard and Radcliffe dining halls and the Coop for the Bellboys' annual opera, "Venus and Adonis." Prices range from $1.50 to $1 and $.50, and the performance is dated for March 11 and 12 in the Lowell Dining Room.

Puritans See Photos of West

After the House dinner last night Ernst A. Hauser showed the Puritans a series of colored photos taken of the West. Hauser was in an Austrian ski patrol and later a member of the Austrian air force during the first World War.

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