Star-Studded Aggregations To Square Off Next Sunday

Harvard will get a chance to see Boston College's football greats in action Sunday when the B. C. Independents meet the Crimson Independents, the University's Graduate School basketball team, at 3 o'clock in the gymnasium of Rindge High School in Cambridge.

The B. C. Independents will have their usual starting lineup of Ed Zabilski, Gene Goodreault, Big Chet Gladchuk, Hard Rook Henry Woronicz, and Chuckin' Charley O'Rourke, while Joe Zabilski, Justin McGowan, and Mickey Connolly will be held in reserve.

Composed of Law and Business School students the Crimson Independents have finally been whittled down into an all-star lineup after a season's experimentation by Manages Tony Gallucio of the Law School, who, this spring, will get a tryout with the Boston Red Sox.

"Big Ben" Kerr, all-Western guard from the University of Oklahoma, "Whitey" Biggerstaff, All - American tackle of Southern California's great team of two years ago, "Red" Lowman '28, captain of the Crimson basketball team of two years ago, Dave Allbright, stellar performer of Wittenberg College, "Red" Dunlap, sharp-shooting forward of the College of the Pacific, and Connie Pearson, All-American forward from Colgate, are all included in the lineup of the Crimson Independents.

In short, any coach would have a perennial smile on his face if he had as good basketball material to work with as that which comes to the Graduate Schools every year. Last year "Dinny" Moore, captain on Hank Luisetti's team at Stanford and Bruce Layborn, both All-American basketball players, were at the University. And each season new players come in from all parts of the country to replace those of the year before.