Students Urged To Support Admendment

By means of a handbill which it is circulating throughout the College today, the Harvard Committee Against Military Intervention is asking all students to urge their Senators to vote for the Ellender amendment to the lend-lease bill.

The amendment in part is quoted as follows:

"Nothing contained in this act shall be deemed to confer any additional powers to authorize the employment or use of persons in the land or naval forces of the United States at any place beyond the limits of the Western Hemisphere except in the territories or possessions of the United States, including the Philippine Islands."

The letter further states: "If you oppose America's entrance into foreign war, you will want this check on the broad powers delegated to the President in the Lease-lend bill," Robert J. M. Matteson, the school of Public Administration, president of the organization, and Thomas Lacey 2nd, secretary, signed the circular.