Bock Annual Report States Most Students Take Sports

Harvard athletic records, indicating that ninety per cent of the undergraduates are participating in the College sports program, give assurance that "we need not worry about the youth of today becoming soft or unfit for whatever share they may have to take in the national defense program." Dr. Arlie V. Bock, Henry K. Oliver Professor of Hygiene, head of the Harvard Department of Hygiene, stated yesterday in his annual report.

A total of 3,275 undergraduates took part in the College athletics last year, --1,232 in intercollegiate sports. Altogether, 1,353 upperclassmen took part in organized intramural sports. Freshman athletic requirements were met by 340 men, 150 of whom took part in Freshman intercollegiate sports,

Every member of the first team is a high scorer, each seeming to take turns leading the scoring pace. Captain Phil Gomez and Ted Haselton will start at the guards, Howle Redgate at center, and Jack Dowd and Al Shapiro at the forwards.

The game tonight will be the last non-league affair for the Feslermen before they jump into a rigorous league schedule starting this Saturday with the Columbia Lions at New York. The next Varsity home game will be against the highly touted Cornell five on Friday, February 14.

In a preliminary encounter, Coach Skip Stahley's once-beaten Yardlings will face the strong Tufts Freshman five.


Since the "social series" with Princeton during the winter vacation, the Hoddermen have had no official games, but the six has had several scrimmages against teams from Boston, and through out the examination period there has been optional daily practice.

In an attempt to shake the Crimson out of its doldrums, Hodder will ice the line which showed up best against the Tigers, with gridman Burgy Ayres flanked by Captain Prennie Willetts and George Duane. Sherm Gray is back in harness again, and will team with Stacy Hulse at the defensive posts. Ab Fenn is again in the nets.

Dick Noone at center teams with Gordio McGrath and Bill Claflin for the second line, and the third line which may see action is composed of George Gebelein and Caleb Loring at two of the posts. Jock Elliott and Dem Lloyd are engaged in a struggle for the other wing. George Dreher and Bill Stedman line up as spare defensemen.

Sophomore Forward Line

Williams boasts a polished forward wall composed entirely of Sophomores, which will put most of the pressure on the Crimson nets. Jack Daly, a Junior, captains the six from his right defense position. Conceded little chance of beating Yale by the experts, Dartmouth has walloped the Williams players by a decisive 9 to 2 margin, and Colgate has also won a 3 to 1 decision from the Massachusetts players