Ski Team Leaves For Carnival At Dartmouth; Eight to Race

Bill Halsey, former Dartmouth skiing star, returns today to his alma mator at Hanover for another traditional carnival, but this time he comes to the colorful and sportive event as coach, with an eight-man Harvard delegation.

The annual carnival, in which Harvard skiers have only recently become recognized as definite contenders for the eastern intercollegiate crown, assumes a real international importance this weekend with teams representing Chile, McGill, and possibly a group of Norwegian Royal Air Force men on special leave from their Canadian squadrons.

Heading the Crimson group is Del Ames; Sophomore captain of the team, and winner last week of the New Hampshire State combined class B cross-country and jumping championship. Ames will be the only four-event man from Cambridge.

Finn Ferner, who recently suffered broken ribs on two separate occasions, has received the doctor's permission to race and will be ready to start the downhill event on the Moose Mountain trail Friday morning. He is also slated to compete in the slalom race on Oak Hill the following day, which is his specialty and in which he has the best chance to shine if his condition will permit it.

Bungie King and Phil Field are the other two entries beside Ames and Ferner in the slalom and downhill. This year for the first time the combined score for the two events will be counted. In former years, the only combined score considered in the final tallying was the jumping and cross-country.


Tom Winship, last year's captain of the team, is scheduled to run the lang-lauf and is also entered in the jumping, which will close the two-day carnival on Saturday afternoon. Other entries in those events are Roger Wilson, Jack Crawford, and Lindley Burton.

Dartmouth, McGill, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin present the most formidable opposition that the Crimson skiers will have to reckon with. Doug Mann, captain of the Canadian university's squad, is one of the foremost eastern skiers. New Hampshire's team is strong in all four events and some of its members have been cleaning up in open meets during the early part of the season.

Jumping to Be Close

The jumping will probably present the most thrilling spectacle from the spectators' point of view. Roger Simpter, from Dartmouth, was intercollegiate champion last year. He has as his toughest foe Merril Barber from Norwich, who jumped with the Ruud brothers two years ago and is one of the best men in open competition. Wisconsin also adds four good jumpers to the list.

Coach Halsey was noncommittal about the team's chances, going no further than to say that he knew the boys would do their best and that he hoped they would turn in a high score.

On Saturday after the close of the races, several members of the team are proceeding to Woodstock, where they will be joined by two other Crimson schuss artists, and will race on Sunday for the Fiske Trophy on Suicide Six. Competing there from Harvard will be Ames, Wilson, Winship, Field, King, Ferner, John Abbot, and Dave Goldthwait.

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