Boylston Reading Room was the site of the latest escapade by Local Public Enemy No. 1, known as Snooper Man, who returned to his diabolical pastime in the small hours of yesterday morning after his examination period respite.

University officials have finally lost their sense of humor with this, the prankster's eighth visit; and authoritative quarters indicated last night that when he is ultimately apprehended he will be shipped home bag and baggage.

At 8:45 o'clock yesterday when the library opened officially, the white faces of every book on the shelves stared down on the librarians. No one had tampered with the windows, but the slashes on the door indicated the vandal's means of entrance.

Yard Cops Slave

A four-man crew, strengthened by Yard cops, spent the entire morning righting the volumes. They needed the remainder of the day 'to check the books' order. Even the reserved volumes behind the desk had been shifted.


Officials stated that they had foreseen the raid and had carefully fastened all doors and windows, but the forces of evil easily overcame those impediments.