Focillon, French Historian, And Goudsmit, Additions

Appointments to the teaching and research staff were announced here yesterday, as follows:

Henri Focillon, French art historian, has been appointed research fellow in residence at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and collection, at Georgetown, Washington, D. C., effective as of December 1, 1940. Professor Focillon was formerly professor of Medieval Art at the universities of Paris and Lyon, formerly director of Lyon Museum and formerly professor of The Fine Arts at Yale University. The Dumbarton Oaks Library and collection was recently conveyed to Harvard by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss.

Samuel A. Goudsmit, professor of Physics at the University of Michigan, has been appointed Visiting Lecturer on Physics, effective as of February 1, 1941.

Many Appointed

Other appointments, effective as of February 1, are: Irving Segal, Ph.D. Yale '40, of Cambridge, instructor in Mathematics; Walter J. Nickerson, Jr., of West Chester, Pa., A.M. '40, teaching fellow in Biology; Oliver P. Pearson, of Philadelphia, Pa., A.M. '40, teaching fellow in Biology; William H. Kelly, of Cambridge, A.B. Arizona '36, teaching fellow in Anthropology; Dayton E. Carritt, of Providence, R. I., B.S. Rhode Island State '37, teaching fellow in Chemistry; and Ralph G. Adams, of Needham, in charge of day courses at Franklin Union Technical Institute and instructor at Lowell Institute School, lecturer on Applied Mechanics at the Harvard Graduate School of Engineering.


Francis J. W. Roughton, University lecturer in Physicochemical Physiology and fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, has been appointed research associate in the Fatigue Laboratory, effective as of January 1, 1941.

Stuart W. Cook, of Minneapolis, Ph.D. Minnesota '38, instructor and clinical psychologist at the University of Minnesota, has been appointed research associate in the Psychological Clinic, effective September 1, 1941.