Welch and Mason To Guide Jubilee and Smoker Groups

Andrew W. Welch, Jr., of West Roxbury, and Thayer Hall, and Austin B. Mason, Jr., of Weston and Thayer Hall, have been chosen from the ten Yardlings elected last Wednesday, to head the Jubilee and Smoker committees during the meeting of the Freshman Union Committee yesterday afternoon.

Eugene D. Keith '42, Student Council Representative for Freshman Affairs, and Douglas Mercer '40, Assistant Sectary of the Union, helped the Union Committee make its choice.

At the same meeting the original ten men were split into two groups, four to form the nucleus of the Smoker committee and six apportioned to the Jubilee committee. Six additional appointees were also named by Keith.

During the early part of next week the chairmen will meet with Keith and Mercer to appoint another three members to their committees if they so desire.

The men who were added yesterday are Robert W. Gillette, Paul D. Grindle, and Thomas R. Hoffman. Smoker committee; Brooks N. Heath, James J. Higginson, and John Otto, Jr., Jubilee committee.