Pernicious Ailment Decimate Freshmen

Yardlings Forced to Leave During Lectures; Waitresses Are Stricken

For the second time in ten days, the Freshman class has been stricken by a mysterious ailment diagnosed as resulting from contaminated food served at the Union.

The Yardlings were decimated with approximately 100 students forced to leave during lectures or confined to their dormitories yesterday. Eleven of the waitresses employed at the Union were also unable to report for work. The attack of February 17, when only fifty Freshmen applied for treatment at the Hygiene Building, was less violent.

With the entire class of 1944 "indignant" over the situation, the Union Committee took definite steps last night to investigate the cause and undertake necessary reforms.

Robert W. Gillette '44 will head a sub-committee including Albert C. Kel- ly '44 and Wallace McDonald '44 to cooperate with the Student Council Committee on Food and discuss the matter with Dean Leighton. "Something has to be done," stated Gillette. "The food has been consistently worse since Christmas.


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