Two Game Tilt May Fall To Much Improved Crimson

HARVARD  YALE Willetts, l.w.  r.w. Hazen Ayres, c  c. Carton Duane, r.w.  l.w. McLennan Gray, l.d.  r.d. Drake Hulse, r.d.  l.d. Pierson Fenn, g.  g., Kieckhefer

The opportunity of springing one of the biggest upsets in Harvard-Yale hockey history confronts the Crimson this evening as it meets the Elis at New Haven in the first of two games scheduled between the two ancient rivals.

In three games with League opponents the Varsity has met defeat, each time by a single point, but there are quite a few who feel that this time Captain Pren Willetts' team may be able to pull an upset on the vaunted Blue; certainly it's time the breaks went their way for a change.

Yale Stock Drops

At the beginning of the year the Elis seemed set to walk off with the Baker Trophy for the second year in a row. During the Christmas vacation they attracted considerable attention by humbling mighty Minnesota, purportedly the best team in the West, and returned home in a very confident frame of mind. Little Williams upset the apple cart by administering the Bulldogs a decisive setback in, of all places, their New Haven stronghold. Since that time the Elis have been beaten by Princeton and tied by Dartmouth in League competition.


Wednesday night's 5 to 2 win over a stubborn Army sextet put the Varsity in the right frame of mind of perpetrate more sensational wins, and the facts that Yale is not inviolate and that the Crimson can win games should certainly bolster their morale as they face the Blue tonight.

Reserve Lines Question Mark

How the second and third lines react under fire will have a lot to do with the game's outcome. Hodder's dependable first trio of Willetts, Burgy Ayres, and George Duane, can be depended on to give a good account of itself, but the way the other two lines perform will be a question mark until the end of the game. If the Sophomores keep on showing the improvement that has been manifest in recent games, and if Gordie McGrath's legs hold up, the Crimson will not give a bad account of itself.

Sherm Gray, Stacy Hulse, and Ab Fenn will form the defensive trio. Fenn's work in the nets was spectacular at times against Army, but he will be hard pressed to equal Yale's Bud Kiockhefer, acknowledged to be one of the outstanding goalies of the East