Football Squad Opens Spring Work-Outs; Harlow Forced to Construct New Backfield


His first-string backfield ravaged by graduation and the draft and his coaching staff riddled by the loss of "Skip" Stahley and Wes Fesler, Head Coach Dick Harlow faced a complete task of rebuilding from the bottom up as his Varsity football squad got their shoulder pads and jerseys out of the mothballs for the opening of spring practice yesterday afternoon.

Noticeably absent from the ranks of the sixty or more hopefuls who reported for the first session of signal and blocking drills were Charley Spreyer star of last year's Pennsylvania game and Henry Vander Eb, expert place kicker. Both men drew low numbers in the draft and will definitely be called into service in July. Although Captain Fran Lee runs a chance of being called in July, he nevertheless is working out with the squad for the five weeks practice session which ends May 1.

Line Prospects Good

Of the line which started against Yale last year, only three, Chub Peabody, Loren MacKinney and Tom Gardiner, were in uniform yesterday. Prospects in this department are definitely roseate, however, as there are well-seasoned veterans on hand to fill all but one line position.

Neither Burgy Ayres, first string center, who is out for baseball, nor Dick Pfister, regular guard, who is putting the shot on Jaakko Mikkola's track team, will play much football this spring, but Vern Miller who alternated with Pete Elser at tackle last year has recovered sufficiently from an ankle injury suffered during the wrestling season to be ready for heavy work.


Two New Coaches

The Varsity gots its first taste of two new coaches yesterday as Al McCoy, formerly of Colby, drove the backfield prospects through their initial workout and Earl Brown took a promising flock of ends under his wing. Brown has the job on his hands of grooming a running mate for Loren MacKinney to take the place of Joe Koufman, who graduates.

From last year's Freshman squad which won only one game while dropping four, Coach Harlow hopes to uncover a few potential stars during the spring session. Final Team Standing and Scoring College  W.  L.  Pts.  Opp. Pts. Dartmouth  10  2  574  482 Cornell  9  3  460  357 Columbia  8  4  464  428 Yale  4  8  474  520 Princeton  4  8  439  464 Harvard  4  8  423  497 Pennsylvania  3  9  454  540

Final Individual Scoring Records   Games  Gls.  Fls.  Pts. Broberg, Dart.  12  65  34  164 Hasslinger, Col.  12  64  28  156 J. Bennett, Cor.  12  47  41  135 Olsen, Dart.  12  51  28  130 Cobb, Yale  12  42  28  112 Cerrone, Col.  12  42  27  111 Romano, Har.  12  45  21  111 Buckley, Har.  12  47  16  110 Levinson, Penn.  12  38  24  100 Zilly, Yale  12  40  18  98 Dunbar, Cor.  12  37  22  96 Viguers, Penn.  12  36  16  88 Carmichael, Prin.  12  39  9  87 Munroe, Dart.  12  31  21  83 Winston, Prin.  122  36  11  83