Varsity Club--

D. Donald Peddie '41.

Selections from the report follows:

1. Whereas the present organization of the Varsity Club consists of three officers, of which the Vice-President is an undergraduate, and an executive committee of five, of which two are undergraduates, all nominated and elected by the graduates, in the future the Vice-President and the two undergraduates of the executive committed will be nominated by the undergraduate membership since. These nominations must be accepted by the nomination committee, and as their slate always meets with no opposition from he voters, the undergraduates will be certain that their desired candidates will take office.

2. The Vice-President and the two undergraduate members of the executive committee will become chairman, secretary, and treasurer, respectively of a new undergraduate membership enlarged to include all squad members of the various sports, major and minor. These members will have the privileges of the Club only during the College year in which they are squad members, and not after graduation.

3. An undergraduate athletic committee will be set up, consisting of the captains of the major and minor sports. Their function will include the running of the various social activities of the Club, investigation into athletic affairs which may be necessary from time to time, ensuring that the working athlete has a decent job and is getting three square meals a day, and acting more or less as a Student Council for sports.


4. The new undergraduate membership will pay a $2 due yearly to take care of minor undergraduate functions.

5. The Club will be improved inside to the maximum extent of $10,000. The Club, in all likelihood, will put up $5,000 if this committee raises $5,000 for it. Up to this time nothing has been done about procuring money because the officers desired to look into all the possibilities of a new Varsity Club, and it was thus impossible to raise money when one didn't know what one was raising it for.