Battalion to March From Widener to Soldiers Field

A march in column from the quadrangle of the Yard down to Soldiers Field will be the feature of the annual R.O.T.C. review to be staged by the Harvard unit next Wednesday afternoon.

This will be the first time that the Military Science Corps, which composes the Harvard Field Artillery Regiment, has conducted its annual maneuvers outside of Soldiers Field, the home of its stables, gun depots, and drill grounds.

500 to March

Close to 500 Mil Sci students will participate in the review, which will consist of four battalions of motorized artillery and one battery of horse drawn guns, along with a regimental band from the First Division Regular Army.

The four battalions will form at 1:30 o'clock on the paths in front of Widener, University Hall, Sever, and Memorial Chapel. Marching into line, they will proceed out the Johnson Gate, down Mass. Avenue and Boylston Street, across the Larz Anderson Bridge, and to the right on Soldiers Field Drive.

Medals to Be Presented

The parade will enter the automobile gate nearest the gun shed, following which the Battery Commanders will take over the ROTC men and put them through their paces. Men who have shone in one way or another will receive medals and awards, given by the receiving officer. Colonel Jay has stated that all families and friends of the members of the ROTC are cordially invited to attend the Review.

After the unit passes in review the different batteries will split up and demonstrate the functions of the Field Artillery. Some men will string telephone wires, others will fire guns, and still others will show how a target is identified and fired upon. At four fifteen Retreat will be blown, and when the flag comes down the staff, Military Science will close up shop for the year.