Applicants Urged to Sign Soon to Fill Small Quota

Both the Primary and Secondary C.A.A. courses of the Civilian Pilot Training program, available to students here and at neighboring colleges, will probably be offered this summer from June 15 to September 1. The exceptionally small quota for this area makes it necessary for applicants to sign up today, William Bollay, instructor, said last night.

The preliminary course offers 35 to 45 hours flying and 72 hours of ground training while the Secondary course offers 45 to 75 hours in the air and 183 in the ground school. Cost to the government for each student is $400, but the trainee pays only $25, including medical and insurance fees.

The requirements for admission to he course are:

Applicants must have reached their nineteenth birthday but not their twenty-sixth on or before July 1, and if under 21 must obtain parents permission. They must also pass a physical examination which includes a 20-20 vision without glasses. All men interested should apply today at Room 108 Pierce Hall between 2 and 5 o'clock for a preliminary registration.