Matthews Hall and Fred Cohn Win In Ping Pong Tournament

Matthews Hall came out first in the Phillips Brooks House Ping Pong contest with 39 points Wednesday, but Ted Cohn '44 of Thayer Hall walked off with top honors when he beat Grover Hansen '44 of Weld Hall in the finals that afternoon.

Playing a defensive game and relying on a back-hand, top-spin drive, Cohn vanquished his opponent in three straight games. Toughest men in the tournament, according to the winner, were Dan Goronstein of Dudley and Johnny Burton, of Matthews. In the match with Burton, Cohn revenged the licking he received at the hands of his opponent in the finals of last fall's Freshman tennis tournament.

By obtaining the highest total of points in the tournament. Matthews Hall will receive the Freshmen ping pong plaque. Following closely on Matthews' heels were Thayer Hall with 32 points and Weld with 28.

Approximately 125 Freshman entered this year's tournament, the first of its kind in Yardling history. Next year, the PBH Freshman Committee will also include chess and bridge in the inter-hall competition.

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