Network Broadcasters to Welcome Parietal Changes

The heavy hand of discipline menacing those who enjoy listening to the Radio Network after legal hours has been lifted by a revision of the parietal rules made last Tuesday during a Faculty meeting and announced yesterday by Dean Hanford.

Since most Houses forbid radio-playing after 10:00 or 10:30 o'clock, the Network has theoretically been wasting its waves on silent receivers during the past year. Actually the ammended parietal rule, which allows students to listen in if their radios are "so adjusted as not to be heard in any neighboring room," throws out unenforceable regulations broken nightly by a large percentage of the College.

Regrets Crime

Bernard J. McMahon, Jr. '42, chairman of the Network, last night stated that he was "glad we can operate within the limits of the law from now on. Crime never pays."

The new ruling reads as follows: "Students shall at all times show proper regard for others in the use of radios and musical instruments. Expect between 1:00 and 10:00 o'clock P.M. radios and phonographs shall be so adjusted as not to be heard in any neighboring room, no other musical instrument shall be played upon, and no singing shall be allowed."


At the same meeting another addition to the rule making students responsible for good order in their rooms was made. It how reads: "Every student is responsible for the maintenance of good order and reasonable quite in his room."