Student Council Urges Term Course Reviews

Believes That Union Committee's Plan For Sum-Up Lectures Would Aid Upperclassmen

A step in the direction of College-supervised reviews was taken by the Student Council at its last meeting when the undergraduate governing body unanimously approved the theory of course-sponsored reviews and recommended that each professor devote some time to summing up his own course to the class.

Langdon P. Marvin, Jr. '42, Council president, introduced the resolution, which passed without opposition.

Reviews given by the head of each course were recommended "in order both to discourage recourse to tutoring schools and to aid in giving a broad interpretation of the course."

Lectures of the recommended sort have been given in Freshman courses for the last three years and have proved extremely popular and successful. Usually a section man in the big survey courses has undertaken to sum up the general lines, trends, theories, or facts of the course a few days before the midyear and final examinations in order to give the Freshmen a basis for their reviewing.

Few upperclass courses have ever had special review sessions except among the larger, more popular semisurvey courses, and few professors have even taken a lecture off the end of the year to sum up their previous teachings.


New the Council seems to feel that the Union Committee's reviews have been so valuable that the same type of lecture should be set up in as many undergraduate courses as possible, probably under the aegis of the Council.

No action is expected this spring since finals are in the rather imminent future.