Fewer Applications Received This Year

Notice of admission to one of the seven Houses will be received today by '585 undergraduates, 64 upperclassmen and 521 Freshmen, a figure which exceeds by 30 the number of students taken in to Houses at the time of the first assignment last year.

The total number of House applications remain unfilled, the number of men desiring and failing to secure admission at this time is almost 100 loss than last year's figure when the number of unsuccessful applicants stood of 360.

Total Applications Fall

The total number of applications this year has dropped from last year's level of 915 to the present figure of 885. This decrease is one of the factors which has conspired with the draft to lower this year's quta to unfilled applications.

Owing to the policy followed by the University in recent years of giving preferance to upperclassmen, the number of Juniors and Sophomores applying for admission to Houses this spring is below the level of other years. Of the 270 men whose applications are currently unfilled, only 22 are upperclassmen. Last year 52 upperclassmen were not appointed to a House.


The Dean's Office advises students who have failed to secure rooms in a House at this time to avoid making definite plans which would prevent them from accepting an assignment to a House as vacancies occur. Last year about 100 men on the waiting list had obtained assignments to the Houses by the opening of College in September and further openings occured during the College year. It is expected that this year's already low quota of disappointed aspirants will be still further reduced.

Students who wish to be considered for vacancies must all out an application for the waiting list at the Office of the Secretary for Houses, 16 University Hall, by May 15. Application for non-resident membership may be made on the regular waiting list application. Tentative assignments of non-resident members will be made early in June.

Applications for rooms in College dormitories outside the Yard should be made at Lehman Hall not later than May 10. Students who have reserved a room in the College dormitories will be allowed to cancel their reservations without charge in case they later receive an assignment to a House.