Petition Deadline is Tuesday Morning

The complete list of Junior and Sophomore nominees for year's Student Council was revealed last night by the Council Nominating Committee. At the same time it was announced that last minute petitions for men not included on the list may be handed in at the Council office until 9:30 o'clock on Tuesday.

Elections will take place on Wednesday or Thursday, with balloting in the Houses, Dudley, Widener, and Memorial Hall. Six Juniors and three Sophomores will be chosen from these nominees, and they will appoint the remaining eight members of the Council for 1941-1942 at their first meeting soon after the election.

The following Juniors were nominated for the Student Council:

Harrison T. Blaine, of Hewlett, New York and Leverett House, a member of the Council and chairman of its Committee on Senior Elections;

John P. Bunker, of West Roxbury and Dunster House, a member of the Senior Album Committee, of the Dunster House Committee, high-jumper on the track team, and a member of the present Council;


Loren G. MacKinney, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Eliot House, who is on the Varsity football team, the Eliot House Committee, and is a member of the present Student Council;

Eugene D. Keith, of Richmond, Kentucky and Leverett House, chairman of the Student Council's Committees on Parietal Rules and Tenure and Curriculum, representative for Freshman affairs, editorial chairman of the CRIMSON, and member of the Leverett House Committee;

John C. Robbins, Jr., of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and Lowell House, president of the CRIMSON and a member of the present Student Council;

Endicott Peabody 2nd, of Syracuse, New York and Eliot House, member of this year's Council and on the Varsity football team;

Charles S. Bridge, of Indianapolis, Indiana and Eliot House, a member of the Eliot House Committee and of the Senior Album Committee;

James E. Meredity, Jr., of Ardmore, Pennsylavania and Kirkland House, a member of the Kirkland House Committee;

Harry Newman, Jr., of Beverly Hills, California and Adams House, president of Phillips Brooks House, chairman of the 1942 Album Committee and of the Adams House Yearbook, and a member of the Adams House Committee;

John A. Holabird, Jr., of Chicago, Illinois, and Lowell House, chairman of the Lowell House Committee, and member of the Dramatic Club and of the Progressive;

John Lowell, of Westwood and Winthrop House;

M. Greely Summers, Jr., of Belmont and Winthrop House, captain of the hockey team, and football letterman;