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'45 Colts


Waa-l, Pards, the Fall round-up is hyar agin. The herd's a-gatherin' 'round the old corral jest like she allus has. Seems it's purty near the same thing every year-lot o' the old 'uns ain't 'round no more, but a flock o' fresh stock is in, 'rarin' to go and creatin' a pile o' fuss per usual. This hyar piece is aimed at the latter (that's a two-bit word.) Mebbe so some of us old nags can fork you young colts of '45 a little solid horse-sense afore you go throwin' shoes all over the range.

'Course you probably won't take none of our advice--allus hev to larn the hard way--but don't come whinnying to us if you get a saddle burn. The old Lazy H is one o' the best spreads agoin' 'round these parts, dern few fences and a heap of ground fer roamin'. You'll all be stabled up at the Yard the fust year, but outside o' thet yore branding is up to yoreselves.

Some of you will try to run too fast and feel in too many fields; some will stick too close to their stables and break down with "grind" fever. Neither way is too healthy, it's part o' yore job to find a balance. Pussonally we've allus felt it was better to get broken to the traces the fust half-year--the old Lazy H harness can be purty tough on colts, no matter how full of prep they are--and leave the horsin' 'till you've larned to drag yore load. Then you can start browsin' 'round the different fields o' activities, and trottin with the fillies from the Bar-X Wellesley'n the Bar-None Radcliffe.

'Bout these fust few days thar ain't much to say 'cept keep yore tail high and don't get roped by too many saddle-blanket cleaners. They'll be a-tryin' to lasso you from every which way soon as you trot through the lines at that old barn called Memorial Hall. 'Course you'll want the Crimson lyin' on the stable step to take the blinders off yore eyes every morning, but don't let thim maverick 'Pooners stampede you.

Thet's 'bout all fer now, colts,--be seein' you 'round the range.

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