First Meeting Devoted to Routine Business Affairs

Routine organization matters absorbed practically all of the first Student Council meeting of the year Thursday night, President Eugene D. Keith '42 announced yesterday.

Adelbert Ames, 3rd '43 received the honor of election to the Permanent Committee on Tenure and Curriculum, set up last year to serve as the watch dog of College educational standards.

John W. Sullivan '43, Thomas Matters '43, and John Richardson '43 were appointed to serve as a Committee on Parking, to look into the problem of the lack of parking spaces around the Square.

Harrison T. Blaine '42 was appointed to head the War Libraries Committee, whose purpose is to add to the number of books in the war libraries started last year in all the Houses.

J. Edwin Meredith '42 will head a committee to investigate the temporary suspension of the Placement Bureau, announced by the University yesterday. Assisting him will be Coles H. Phinizy '42 and Endicott Peabody, 2nd '42.

The drive to collect funds pledged to the Student Council will take place in the middle of October, announced Treasurer John P. Bunker '42.

A great many Council members volunteered to take a trip to Smith next week for some sort of conference about which President Keith was rather vague.