Medical School Gets British Brain Expert

After a two-year delay, the British cabinet has released Dr. Derok E. Denny-Brown from active war duty and allowed him to fill his professorship to the Harvard Medical School awarded him in 1939.

Dr. Denny-Brown few from England this week to assume his duties as professor of Neurology in the University and director of the Neurological Unit of the Boston City Hospital. He will combine teaching with aiding in the care of Boston's sick.

Served as Army Major

For the past two years Dr. Denny-Brown has been serving as a British army major in his specialty of brain and nervous system treatment. Since January 1940 he has been officer in charge of the Medical Division of the Military Hospital for Head Injuries in England.

Before the war Dr. Denny-Brown attended Oxford University and served as Neurologist on several English hospital staffs. Although he is released for an indefinite period from military service he retains his Reserve commission. As part of its policy of pooling scientific resources, the Scientific Committee of the British Cabinet gave Dr. Denny-Brown permission to fly to the United States and occupy his post.