Zimmerman Pleads For Larger Families

Says Each Married Couple Should Have Four Children

With a bevy of facts and figures to support his case Carle C. Zimmerman associate professor of Sociology, maintains that every married couple ought to have at least four children to do their part in keeping the United States a growing and victorious nation.

Citing a rapidly declining birth rate as a decisive factor in the recent defeat of France, Zimmerman pointed out that with manpower decreased the way was paved for fifth columnists and general demoralization of the people in war time.

Army Cuts Birth Rate

The prolific third of our population are now carrying the weight of the burden in this country, while two-thirds of the people are not even reproducing their own numbers, according to Zimmerman. Whereas at the present time the army is taking only a small percentage of the people in this country, it is putting out of circulation almost half of the reproducing power. It is up to the remaining to see that this loss is regained elsewhere.

15,000,000 Bables


If the 15,000,000 babies that should have been born in the twenties had been alive in 1929, Zimmerman thinks the depression would never have been as severe as it was. Fathers would have had less money to speculate and lose in the stock market, and the great wheat surplus that rained the farmers would never have been.