Initial A.R.P. Class Given Last Night

Speakers Describe Setup of Communications System

Over 200 people, including 65 Harvard undergraduates, 120 Radcliffe girls, and several member of the University Faculty and staff attended the first meeting of the second session of the Harvard Air Raid Precautions school. The meeting included general discussion of ARP communications and organization in the Greater Boston Region, especially in the City of Cambridge and on the University grounds.

The first speaker of the evening was C. Guy Watts, recipient of a D.S.C. for his deeds in Word War I, who spoke on the setup of communications in Region five of which he is chief ARP officer. Mr. Watts is the only man in the region head-quarters who had experience in the last waf.

Next speaker was John Crowley, Cambridge Deputy Chief Warden, who described the intricacies of the local report center, and explained the various ways in which this center is connected with the Massachusetts Committee of Public Safety organization, in Boston, an the region headquarters.