Step Taken to Halt Transportation Jam

All large dances at Princeton, including next spring's Junior Prom, have been cancelled at the order of Christian Gaus, dean of the college, the Daily Princetonian reported last week. This action was in accordance with a request made last summer by Army and Navy officials that all unnecessary extra-curricular activities be abandoned, and a more recent request by the Office of Defense Transportation urging civilians not to use transportation facilities for pleasure purposes.

Under this edict from the Administration of the college, all dances which have been scheduled for this fall, winter, and spring will be cancelled in an effort to meet the demands of the government to prevent clogging the transportation facilities to Princeton.

Senior Prom to Be Held

Only dance at Princeton to escape the edict will be the senior Prom tentatively scheduled for January 29, the night before accelerated Seniors will graduate this year. No restriction has yet been made on attendance at this dance, but in line with the recent university policy it is expected that it will be a modest affair.

House Dances continue

"Harvard House Dances will probably remain undisturbed" Thomas H. Matters '43, president of the Student Council said last night, "since they do not involve widespread congestion of transportation facilities." It was largely the problem of transportation which led to the Princeton edict, banning large dances.

The matter of the Freshmen frolics and Jubilee is still undecided according to latest reports, and the Jubilee especially is in doubt. Aside from the Freshmen dances no large dances are held at the college, except the senior Dance before graduation which will depend on how much of the current Senior Class graduates at one time.