Potent Army Menaces Revamped Crimson; 3800 to Parade in Pre-Game Spectacle

Harlow Reinforces Forward Wall, Shifts Backfield for Mazur & Co.

Sending out a task force that is undefeated and united thus far this season, the Army will attempt to take another objective when it meets an underdog Crimson eleven at the Stadium this afternoon.

In this first wartime meeting between Harvard and West Point--and, possibly, the last for the duration--much of the color present in recent contests will be lacking. Because of transportation regulations laid down by the ODT, the Cadets are not accompanying their team, and, even though most of the officers and men connected with the University will march instead, much of the pomp and circumstance characteristic of Harvard-Army games in the halcyon past will not be present this afternoon.

Next to Navy and Notre Dame, Army points to its traditional game with the Crimson much the same as the Crimson points to Dartmouth next to Yale and Princeton. This year Army is even more anxious to score a victory, for it has not won in the Stadium since 1938, when it defeated Harvard on a last minute touchdown 20 to 17.


And this is also the year that the Cadets have their best chance to win, at least according to the betting odds, for at the present time West Point is a 7 to 2 favorite. Every team likes to go into a game as the underdog, but that is one thing the Crimson will not have to worry about this afternoon.

Heavy Line to Be Fielded


Against Army, Coach Dick Harlow is fielding the heaviest line he can muster and a backfield that is more or less an unknown quantity, since it is subject to so many drastic changes.

The player that makes Harvard's front wall weightier than usual is 210 pound George Hibbard, who has been shifted from left tackle to left guard in place of 180 pound Charley Gudaitis. Concerning the backfield, no one is quite sure who will start except Harlow himself.

Backfield in Doubt

As the starting lineup was originally announced, Bill Wilson was at left halfback, Cleo O'Donnell at right half and Wayne Johnson at fullback. This might be changed, however, to a roster in which Wilson remains at wingback, Jack Comer-ford plays the tailback role and Tom Cowen, who is better offensively than Johnson but not as good offensively, starts at fullback.

To make the backfield more confusing, the good news was broken yesterday afternoon that Leo Flynn, who was first string tailback in the Dartmouth contest, might well see action in today's game. Previously, it had been announced that Flynn would definitely be sidelined this afternoon owing to an injury suffered last Saturday.

Alarmed by reports that national magazine photographers were coming to Cambridge to snap scenes of Harvard military and naval units cheering for Army during the game. University authorities reiterated last night that no such provision has been made.

When the pro-games ceremonies, which include Army cheers, are over, the participants are not obliged to stay in the Army seats, nor do they need to cheer for the Cadets. HARVARD  ARMY Barnes (186), le  re, Crowell (180) Durwood (196), lt  rt, Olds (190) Hibbard (210), lg  rg, Mesereau (205) J. Fisher (187), c  c, Myslinski (180) Kamp (187), rg  lg, Wilson (200) Stannard (190), rt  lt, Merritt (215) Garland (204), re  le, Saizer (180) Anderson (180), qb  qb, Jarrell (170) Wilson (190), lhb  rhb, Hill (178) O'Donnell (150), rhb  lhb, Maxur (175) Johnson (190), fb  fb, Troxell (180)