Dudley Leads Pack in Early Fund Donations

Over $4000 has been collected in the Student Council's effort to go over the top in its annual fund drive, it was announced last night. Dudley's commuters lead the van in contributions, having donated over six hundred dollars and pledged fifteen hundred more up to the present date.

The new Freshmen in Wigglesworth have taken second prize in cash so far with a contribution of $551. The Houses have $375 in payments so far with about eight hundred apiece in pledges.

Top contributor among the Houses so far is Lowell with $496, although in pledges both Eliot and Winthrop lead the Bellboys with $996 and $959 respectively. The total of the pledges made thus at registration is almost nine thousand dollars.

The drive is just beginning, however, and the present totals will probably be boosted to almost thirteen thousand dollars by the end of the drive. This includes donations from all the undergraduate institutions.

Since the drive is beginning in earnest this week, J. Eldon Sawhill, Brooks House President, announced yesterday the collections of the House chairmen should be turned in on Thursday, November 5, although the money can be handed in other days.