McAfee Describes Nazi Sabotage

Describes Experiences in France During Axis Blitz

Demonstrating how "it can happen here," Donald R. MacAfee, who was in France from 1918 to 1941, gave a first-hand account of his experiences with sabotage, fifth column activity, and propaganda methods used in the defeat of the French nation, to the students of the University ARP course last night.

In describing the attitude of the French army at the outbreak of war he said that "the soldiers went into the lines convinced of victory, thinking the war would be over in five weeks." They had none of the fighting purpose of the troops in the first World War. They thought they were fighting a phony war, and the Germans did everything they could to keep them convinced of the unimportance of their fight.

A good Civilian Defense organization can prevent many of the things that happened to the French, but only if each and every member of the ARP setup is prepared and trained for these things, because they "can happen here."