Department Offers Revised Curriculum to Technicians

New distribution courses especially for concentrators in the wartime fields of science and engineering have been inaugurated by the Classics Department, John H. Finley '25, associate professor of Greek and Latin, announced yesterday.

"Lack of a reading knowledge of ancient languages," he said, "need no longer prevent a student from studying the Classics, for the new courses will be given in English."

Similar Plans at Yale, Princeton

As opposed to similar courses that have recently been announced at Yale and Princeton, the new courses will emphasize a close acquaintanceship with the problems involved in government and literary forms, rather than a comprehensive survey of classical civilizations.

"The ancient philosophers and statesmen first evolved the concept of orderly freedom." Professor Finley stated, and it is the hope of the Department that this plan will help to broaden the student's outlook, as well as avoid the tendency toward totalitarianism, which stems from extreme specialization in education. The Humanistic fields have an obligation to help fulfill the traditions of a liberal education and these obligations should be fulfilled."