Swimmers Favored to Down Penn, Nose Out Cadets in Weekend Forays

Conquest of West Pointers Depends on Relay Strength

Harvard's Varsity Swimming team tackles Pennsylvania and Army away this weekend, and, on the basis, of past records, the result should be a slop-aided victory over the Quakers and a closely tonight triumph over the Cadets.

The Pennsylvania meet is a League contest, but so far this season the Quakers have shown no strength at all, having lost three League encounters with no victories to balance them.

Houber Stars

Only star on the Penn team is Ed Heuber, who navigates the 50 yard free style in 23.7 seconds, a full second faster than the best time Harvard's "Big John" Eusden has turned in for that event and only eight tenths of a second slower than the world record. Other than Heuber, however, Pennsylvania, has no mermen worthy of note, and the Ulenmen should take the meet in a score which will read something like 49 to 26.

Army, however, presents a far more different picture, for in Bill Criss, Frank Scofield, and Arvid Croonquist the Cadets have three swimmers who might conceivably turn the tide against the Crimson.

Croonquist Sets Record

Criss and Scofield are free stylers, and they will probably take first places. In the 50, 100, and 220 yard free styles. Croonquist, a butterfly artist, only a few weeks ago set a new Army record in the 200 yard breast stroke with a time of two minutes and 32 seconds, which is easily good enough to take a first place in that event from the Ulenmen.

Nevertheless, all is not gloomy for the Crimson, as Coach Hal Ulen has a fair amount of strength in every event. By piling up their share of second and third places, his natators should stay close to the Cadets until the final-relay, and by means of the final relay the Crimson should be able to take the meet by a margin of two or three points.

The meet with Penn takes place today at Philadelphia, and the meet with Army will be on Monday at West Point. By beating the Quakers, the Ulenmen should climb into third place in the League standings, as Dartmouth, which is in third place now, will undoubtedly lose to Princeton today. This will give Harvard a record of two meets won and one lost for a percentage of 667, while Dartmouth will have lost two and won two for a percentage of only 500. League Standing Won  Lost  Pot. Yale  3  0  1,000 Princeton  3  0  1,000 Dartmouth  2  1  .667 Harvard  1  1  .500 Navy  1  3  .250 Columbia  0  3  .000 Pennsylvania  0  3  .000