Penn Beaten 40-35; Army Takes Relay to Win 41-34

An unexpectedly difficult League victory over Pennsylvania and a close defeat at the hands of Army was the lot of the Varsity swimming team over the past weekend. On Saturday night at Philadelphia, the Quakers gave the Ulenmen a tough struggle before bowing 40 to 35, while yesterday at West Point the Cadets took the 400 yard free style relay, which was the final event in the meet, to eke out a 41 to 34 victory.

In the Penn meet, the Crimson tankmen turned in some of the poorest times they have made during the current campaign. True, Bus Curwen was a double winner at Philadelphia, tanking the 200 yard breast stroke and the 220 yard free style, while Bill Drucker triumphed in his back stroke specialty as usual and Dave Barnes won the 440 free style, but the fact is that every event that the Ulenmen took was won with times two and three seconds slower than average. This might have been due to a strange pool and the fact that Harvard was never really threatened at any point.

Hueber Stars

In contrast, however, Ed Hueber, the Quaker flash, lived up to all expectations when he took a first in the 50 yard free style in 23.9 seconds, then went on to lower his own Pennsylvania 100 yard free style record to 53.4, and ended by helping his team take the 400 yard relay.

The Army meet saw a turn for the better as far as the Ulenmen were concerned, and they swam some excellent races. But Cadets Croonquist, Scofield, Criss and Company had too much power for the Crimson and took the meet in the crucial 400 yard relay.

In keeping the score close against the West Pointers, the Ulenmen took only three first places, but they made up for this dearth by piling up nothing short of 11 seconds and thirds.

At the same time that Harvard was beating Penn, Dartmouth was being raked over the coals by Princeton.