De Haas Appointed To Post-War Economy Job

Dutch Reconstruction Group To Be Headed By Professor

J. Anton de Haas, William Ziegler Professor of International Relationships, at the Business School, was appointed chairman of the Economic Division of the Netherlands Post-war Planning Committee, it was announced yesterday.

The purpose of the Committee, which was recently formed in Washington, is to investigate the problems of post-war reconstruction and to present to the Government of the Netherlands suggestions for plans of public policy. The first step, Professor de Haas revealed, will be to determine what other governments have done or are doing about post-war planning.

Committee Semi-Official

The Committee, composed largely of Dutch industrialists who are now in exile, will then attempt to formulate a definite plan for the reconstruction of the Royal Dutch Empire after the war is over. This Committee, although it is approved by the Royal Dutch Government, is only semi-official as the Government is not anxious to commit itself on matters of policy at this time, according to Professor de Haas.

Born in Amsterdam, Professor de Haas came to this country in 1904, and became a naturalized citizen in 1917. Getting his M.A. from Harvard in 1911, de Haas taught at several universities throughout the country, received a royal appointment as professor to the University of Rotterdam in 1919, and after several other government and professional positions both here and abroad, was named William Ziegler Professor of International Relationships at the Business School in 1927.


Besides his lectures on International Economic Relations at the University, Professor de Haas annually gives three or four lectures at the Naval War School in Newport. His appointment as Chairman of the Netherlands Post-war Planning Committee will in no way affect his position at the University, Professor de Haas has revealed.