Benay Venuta Will Be Attraction at Jubilee

Musical Comedy Star to Be Added Feature at '45 Dance

Benay Venuta will be the long-promised additional attraction at the Jubilee tomorrow evening, Chairman Oliver D. Filley, Jr. announced last night.

Currently appearing in "All's Fair", the celebrated song stress built up her reputation on the radio, where she has appeared on the Eddie Cantor and Abbott and Costello shows. Another alumna of the Canter program. Dinah Shore, filled this sport at the big Freshman dance last year.

Except for the midnight supper, Miss Venuta will furnish the only break in the dancing from 10 to 3 o'clock. Georgie Auld and Rudy Wallace, in the "Battle of Music," will supply the continuous music.

Miss Venuta will probably make her appearance at about 12 o'clock, after the final certain of her Boston show.