Scholarship Announcements Delayed, May Cut Number

A record class of approximately 1100 students is expected to accept admission to the College this summer and fall, Richard M. Gummer '07, chairman of the Committee on Admissions, announced yesterday, and 55 percent of these, or about 605 intend to come in June.

Nearly 2200 men had their applications considered by the Committee and more than 1100 certificates of admission were mailed out, but since no decision has yet been given out by the Committee on Scholarships, many men may not be financially able to come.

Scholarships Cause Uncertainty

In normal years scholarships have been decided upon long before the Committee on Admissions meets in July, so that when the admissions were sent out, men would know whether they could count on the money to lighten their college expenses.

This year, however, admissions have already been given out, and the Committee on Scholarships is just opening its sitting. Since almost half of the men applied for aid, several hundred may be disappointed in their hopes and decide not to come.