Varsity Eight Outgrows Princeton; Wins Compton Cup for Sixth Year

J. V. Wins; Freshmen Better Varsity Time

The Princeton festivities ran off without a hitch Saturday, as the Varsity, Jayvee, and Freshman crews all won their races without much trouble; in spite of which the rowing situation in much more confused this morning than a week ago.

In the first place Harvey Love's up-and-coming Freshmen posted a time which was six-tenths of a second better than the Varsity's, and before the weekend Captain Ted Lyman's boat would have been almost anyone's choice for Eastern champions.

Freshmen Didn't Let Up

The conditions were approximately the same in both races, with the Varsity winning the Compton Cup for the sixth straight year by a length and a quarter and the Yardlings all but leaving their opponents hull down astern. When a crew gets that far ahead the tendency is for a general let-down, but apparently the Freshmen didn't relax very much, and the Varsity never moved for enough ahead to take their minds off the business at hand.

Navy clouded the picture by beating Cornell by a deck, thus proving that its two previous victories were not farces. Last week the Ithacans gave Tom Bolles six and a half very bad minutes before the Crimson edged ahead, and apparently Harvard will have its work cut out for it when it tackles Navy on the sixteenth.

In winning the Blackwell Cup by the surprising margin of five and a half lengths, Yale also served notice that it is not to be trifled with and may be counted on to press the Crimson hard on the twenty-third.