University to Hold Cards Of Students Boarding Here

What to do with War Ration Book Number One was answered yesterday when it was announced by Aldrich Durant, Business Manager of the University, that all students would be required to turn in their books within the next three days and by Monday night at the latest.

This ruling is in compliance with the government order that all persons eating at least twelve meals a week in an institution must turn in their books. The books will be held by the Bursar and be returned on presenting a receipt at the proper time. All expired coupons will be removed by the University.

Since students under 18 were not allowed to register at Memorial Hall during the last four days and do not have books, it is necessary for them to obtain them from home.

Problems Still Unsolved

The local rationing board has not as yet solved the problem of those students who take 12 meals only in the Dining Halls and the remainder at their homes or some student eating organization. These persons will receive sugar from their family or organization allotment at the present time.

Students who forgot to register during the last four days must apply to the local rationing board for books. Since the board will not receive the proper forms for some time these men can not receive books for at least two weeks. However, Durant said sugar would not be witheld from them.

10,000 Books Issued

As the four days registering session came to a close almost 10,000 applications had been filled, and War Ration books given in return. There was no last minute rush and closing time round Memorial Hall practically deserted.

Over 200 undergraduates and graduate students will face another registration next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as gas rationing listing begins. Only the owners of cars will be allowed to register, not those merely holding a driver's license. The Cambridge High Schools will replace Memorial Hall as the registration center.